Curry Night

Last week we got the house to ourselves, first date night in a while. It was good to have time for ourselves and feel free around the house. For the occasion we made a mess of the kitchen and cooked curry from scratch, we had a korma and a dopiaza. We couldn't find any naan bread, so we turned pitta bread into naans, a lot of butter, fresh coriander and garlic in a pan. Next time we'll make them as well, even though it worked out pretty well. I was also very excited about using for the very first time the art deco silverware we got for our wedding. It was a traditional gift for the newly wed to start their household.

We had a few drinks, played music in the basement as loud as we wanted, the perks of living in the middle of nowhere with no close neighbours, and just enjoyed those 30 hours of being alone in the world (no car, we literally couldn't go anywhere). 

I've been back to harsh reality with more troubles with the French administration. I was ready to just book a ticket back to England. I now can't afford social security because I am not receiving any money from the state. If I was I wouldn't need to pay. It is a never ending process of forms and letters and paperwork. I feel close to giving up and I am grateful we have a roof above our heads, without family I wouldn't be able to live into my own country anymore. We are going to go to my home town for a few weeks and see if administration works a bit better there. Fingers crossed.

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