Farming with style

This is a bit of an experiment. This is not a fashion blog but I must confess that I love clothes. And shoes. And bags. And shoes, a little bit too much. Aurélie - who has the same problem as me - convinced me to do outfit posts, once in a while. I'm trying to convince her to do the same, she has some pretty good style going on.

Those pictures were not planned for a post, it just happened when I gave my camera to Tom. I am incredibly uncomfortable in front of the camera and I can't pose. So please ignore my face!

On another note, we are off to Nantes for almost a week tomorrow. I'll try to post from there but I might be too busy eating Moroccan couscous and drinking cocktails.

Breton top: Armor Lux
Skirt: H&M
Brogues: Topshop
Glasses: Urban Outfitters (with actual prescription lenses fitted)
Nail polish: Uh Oh Roll Down The Window - O.P.I


  1. t'as l'air plutôt à l'aise je trouve!!
    ces cheveuuuux, je les veuuux!
    you are farming with style!

    (et tu vas me faire rougir)

    1. Aw merci. Heureusement que tu ne vois pas ce que l'on porte vraiment quand on bosse...

    2. j'ai vécu à la campagne pendant 90% de ma vie. Je sais.
      (on sait tout, Maëlia, on sait tout)