Baby shower

In three days, we are moving to France. We haven't packed yet. So I don't even have an excuse for not posting for so long. Though we have been fairly busy, saying goodbye to family and friends, having barbecues and a baby shower.
It wasn't your typical baby shower, it was more of barbecue/party. We ended up going back home the next morning with a slight hangover. It was just nice to be all gathered together one last time before we go and before Jason and Lauren are deep in diapers and night feedings. I am absolutely amazed by Lauren, she never complained during her pregnancy, she seems absolutely relaxed and carries on as normal. I think I am more tired and lazy than her! It's sad we won't be around for the birth - she is due in a month - but I can't wait to meet her little girl.
Oh and I also tried to steal Marmalade and Mustard, their two new chickens. They are the light ginger ones and even though they are not fully grown yet, they are bigger than any other ones. They are gorgeous. I spent most of the afternoon running after chickens to pet them and pick them up...

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