Yesterday was our second anniversary - in less than two months it'll be our wedding anniversary, time is precious right!? We started the day by exchanging card at 6.20am, I leave home before 6.30 to go to work! Tom then met me up on my lunch time - we both work in the City - and got me a gorgeous bouquet of peonies. He looked for white ones as I have an obsession for white flowers and an obsession for peonies. But I must say I have a thing for light pink ones, they are so gentle and intricate. We met at home after work and drank champagne - how I love champagne, nothing makes me feel tipsier and 'happy' than a glass of champagne. With the dash of liqueur de framboise, even better.

We started last year the tradition (after two times, I call it a tradition) to have a pizza in a restaurant, just us. We must have been hungry and the pizza too good to even take the time to take a pictures. They were good indeed. And big. But I can't resist a tiramisu. Well actually I can, I never indulge in dessert in a restaurant, but I thought after all it was our anniversary and I deserved a treat. A selfish one, Tom doesn't like coffee!

I just can't believe how quickly the time passed. And how much we've changed, mostly physically, but looking at old pictures is almost confusing.

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