Paris - Day Four

On the 28th of April was my birthday. And what an amazing birthday I had. Tom spoiled me with gifts with our breakfast, he had also brought the jumper from my Mum and the purse from his. As I am writing I'm wearing the loafers and my cherished wishbone bracelet. I'm also more than half way through Lolita.

As it was on a Sunday, everything most of things were closed except food places. It was a very foody birthday. We started by a walk on Saint-Michel and Saint-Germain-des-Près to get to rue de Buci where is my favourite Paul bakery, the one I use to go to with my sister when we were sharing a flat. I ordered the same salad as always, Paulette, with chicken and apple slices, and we shared a raspberry tart for desert.

We walked up to the Jardin du Luxembourg where I use to ride ponies when I was a kid and we were visiting Paris with my parents. I also lived near that garden when I was a student, it felt odd to be back and to be there with Tom. I realised how much happier and comfortable in my own skin I was now and it made me wish I could have felt that way at the time. I feel like maybe in someways I have wasted a bit my time in Paris. But I guess if I hadn't felt that way I would have never moved to London so no regrets here.

You can't get too much cake on your birthday right? So afterwards we went for my "birthday cake" at Ladurée, rue Bonaparte. It is pricey, especially if you eat-in, but it's honestly one of the best cake I've ever eaten in my life. As soon as I saw it on the menu I knew I would have this one, it seemed created for me, Le Divin, almond flavours, nougat macaron and fresh raspberries. Probably my three favourite flavours. Tom had the Petit Pot de Fraise. As the photos clearly show, it's a chocolate pot, full of strawberry marmalade, fresh strawberries and a strawberry liqueur biscuit. That was pretty great too!

I then took Tom to my favourite bar lounge in Paris, Le China. 1950's colonial atmosphere, big leather couches, sweet and sour olives and very sophisticated cocktails. I suggest to go during happy hour otherwise the bill can get pretty high, but it's definitely worth a drink. I started with a Mai Tai and Tom with an Old Fashion brought with a spoon so you can get the sugar at the bottom of the drink. We then both indulged on a Hemingway. A perfect way to end a perfect day.


  1. Happy belated birthday! It looks like you had an incredible time. Those desserts? Well, I'd pretty much kill for just one right now. Oh my... the raspberries!

    1. Thank you!
      It was quite amazing! Probably not a very responsible thing when you are about to quit your job and move country to hopefully start farming but you don't turn a quarter of century every day!
      Me too, I'm still have dreams about that dessert haha