A place I once called home

My mum and her partner have an amazing flat. It is the flat I grew up in but it was quite different at the time. it slowly changed as my mum's partner moved in and they indulge in their common love for antiques and beautiful things. It doesn't feel like the flat I grew up in and I like that, it makes it easier for me. And the place is simply gorgeous. Sitting in the living room in the dim light having a drink was just my favourite moment. There is a very peaceful, luxury and almost decadent atmosphere at night drinking champagne (some leftovers from our wedding).

The wall paper above is original to the flat and is probably one of the most valuable thing in there. I can't remember the date at the moment. There are now almost unique and very hard to find, we found a copy of this one in a book. I am also in love with the 1920's bust. My mum bought it in Morocco where she grew up for absolutely nothing on a market decades ago. I've always been fascinated by it and it's always been a favourite of mine. Her name is Gertrude. 

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