Kew Bridge to Richmond

Lazy weekend it was and we still surprisingly got a lot done. No commuting to London, no time spent on trains, bus, tubes and that felt amazing. The little Sadie was born on the Saturday morning and we thought we would give the mum a bit more rest as already a few people were going to the hospital. So instead we walk from Kew Bridge to Richmond. It's a bit over an hour walk, some people seem to think we are insane to walk that much when we could take a bus, other understand the amazing feeling of being physically tired and relaxed and lighter after a long walk in the chilly sun. When we arrived in Richmond, the weather was so lovely we wanted to sit by the river. All the pubs terraces were full so instead we sat on the river inside a lovely boat looking at the geese sliding by our window. We had a drink to celebrate Sadie's birth and we chatted and just felt happy. We walked the whole way back too. All this comfort me in our decision of moving to France, to the countryside and just enjoy life together. We felt so happy, we want to feel like that everyday, not only two days a week.

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