Christmas 2012

We are back in London and currently watching Marry Poppins on TV. Not exactly in the mood to go back to work tomorrow, specially since I'm still sick after two weeks and didn't get one proper night sleep in ages. So for now I enjoy looking at our Christmas pictures and think of the great time we had in France. It is a bit difficult and pricey to fly there so we took trains. One to Paris and one to Brittany. Not the most fun when you are dragging heavy suitcases.

The first thing we did when we arrived was to go to the chapel where we got married, one of our sign is still up after four months. The laminating came a bit undone and the ink ran with the rain. It actually rained a lot when we were there and we spent quite a lot of time inside, mostly cooking or eating the food we cooked!

I've been incredibly spoiled on Christmas morning, I got a million books, including Truman Capote's first novel, Summer Crossing, I can't wait to read it. Tom got me a gorgeous dress and green skirt, the cutest Totoro wooden key ring, other things and on top of it he really surprised me with a vintage Praktica camera. I immediately loved the look of it and the fact it's completely manual, I couldn't wait to try it. We went for a walk on beach and took quite few pictures. The shutter of my camera got stuck when I took a picture and I couldn't do anything anymore, it was a bit frustrating and I thought I had to wait to be home to try to open the camera. I am not patient and I tried again to unlock it and it suddenly did, it seems to be working all good now. I'll soon share the pictures here.

It was a very good Christmas, a very inspiring one that will bring changes for 2013. I'll tell you more about that very soon.

I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and a great new year's eve and that 2013 will bring you joy and happiness. 

It took me roughly half an hour to type this post, Marry Poppins is very distracting!

All pictures were taken with the Canon T70.

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