Last stop before home. We've both been to New-York before, not together, in 2008 and 2009. I wanted to go back, it felt like it has been a long time, when really, not that much, and also because at the time I didn't love it and I thought I just missed out on something.

We enjoyed it and it was fun, but New-York is not for me, or us actually. Maybe I'm being a bit of a snob here but after living in Paris and London, New-York is just another big city. And I'm tired of big cities, we are looking for a way out of London. I missed the pace and the friendliness of Tennessee right away. It is still a gorgeous city with amazing buildings, I'm a bit old fashioned, I don't like the too modern ones, but I have a crush for the Flatiron and Madison Square - my god, the size of those squirrels will never stop amazing me!

On the plus side we got an upgrade for our hotel room and a free bottle of wine, that was lovely. We walked a lot and saw the places we wanted to see, sat in Madison square a few times, went to Brooklyn and drank $6 pint of margaritas in the middle of the afternoon, went all the way up to Harlem for a Velvet Underground fan moment and walked some more. We photographed in black and white. New-York does look good in black and white.