I don't have words for that day, it was amazing, perfect and far too short. It's been so long and hard to organise it in Brittany from London and for most of it we had to trust pictures and my mum (who I completely trust) and it all looked perfect, I couldn't have wished for better.
We had a two part wedding. We first got legally married in my Nan's village town hall in Brittany where we signed the register, then we went to a little chapel in a glade that the mayor opened especially for us as it's not in use anymore, and one of our friends made us exchange our rings after a few speeches.
It was then time to party and drink champagne and dance all night to 50's and 60's music.
It was very us, we did it our way and on our terms. It was long and difficult to have the authorisation for the chapel, or to find a marquee, or even china (we really got married in the middle of nowhere) but it was worth it. We did it somewhere more than special to us, surrounded by special people.


We didn't have a photographer and took all the pictures ourselves with different cameras. Those are taken with the Canon T70. I'll post more pictures of the party and the rest of the wedding tomorrow.

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