Here we go

So after month and month of planning it is here. We are getting married on Saturday. It only hit me on Sunday night, it was suddenly real. I had quite realised I was going to spend the rest of my life with Tom, but the wedding itself became real, I am finally going to wear that dress I bought months ago, we are finally going to be allowed to wear those wedding rings that have been sleeping in my drawer. I'm suddenly nervous and so excited, it's an all new feeling. I mean I have been nervous and excited before but that's different, it's not quite the same. It is a big day. I'd never planned on getting married, I didn't think that was something I wanted and then I met Tom and it seemed obvious. We are not religious but it still means a lot, we are getting married and it is for life. We'll have each other no matter what. It's quite a grand feeling to believe in love like that. Anyway I'm not here to bore you with all that.

All that to say this is my last post for a while. After the wedding we are almost flying straight to Tennessee and we'll be back early September in London with loads and loads of pictures and stories from Brittanny, Memphis, Nashville, the Rocky Mountains and New-York.

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