32 is the number of days left until our wedding. And today feels like the first day of summer. All I can hope now is that it lasts until mid-August.
I am so excited and impatient, time flew by and at the same time it feels like the planning is never ending. I have discovered that I am not the planning type, many of my friends were telling me how much they enjoyed planning their wedding, for me it was mainly stressful. I am always stressed anyway. I think we didn't make it easy on us planning it in Brittany from London. I love the fact that we are doing it at home in the countryside, in the middle of nowhere but that also means you don't have much choice. We found one marquee place, the china is coming from the next big city an hour drive away... But we made it. We just need fairy lights for the marquee.

The easiest part turned out to be the dress. I found it the second time I went to try some dresses on at Elizabeth Avey's vintage wedding dress shop in Archway, in north London. I can't describe it here as Tom is not allowed to know yet! All I can say is that it's perfect. It's exactly what I wanted and it fits perfectly. I couldn't believe my luck. Finding red shoes to go with it turned out to be much trickier and took me a while. Our outfits are now complete, everything is booked, the sitting plan is done - a whole afternoon spent on the matter - music play list lasts 4 hours, honeymoon is booked, now we just need to get there and enjoy. Now I just need to learn not to worry about a thing, I'll have people to deal with any situations and people can take care of themselves. Easier said than done!

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