Jack White at the Brixton Academy

Apologies for the lack of pictures, Mr White is very specific when it comes to the no picture rule during his gigs. The only person worse than him I had the luck to meet was Lou Reed. It is quite funny though to see grandpa Lou Reed telling a grown man off for taking too many pictures of him. But I'm losing the plot here.

So last night we went to see Jack White at the Brixton Academy. We saw him a month and a half ago at the Forom and it was absolutely brilliant, we were very eager to see him again. I'm always eager to see him, I'm a huge fan of his. Last time we saw him with the female band, we were hoping for the same, bets were open.

It started with a 45 minutes opening slot by First Aid Kit, a Swedish band formed of two sisters and a Swedish drummer as the singer introduces it. I have quite enjoyed it overall, I didn't like all the songs and some were a bit too similar but I really liked some of them. I preferred when the blond sister was singing as she has a deeper voice. I can imagine listening to them relaxing in my living room, carrying on with house activities, not so much sitting and just listening. It was quite folk-y and I need to be in the mood for that.

After that, the stage got invaded by Jack's roadies. They are quite a sight, all in matching suits - with baby blue ties, what's up with the baby blue on this album!? - with hats and optional long beards. We were trying to figure out who was going to play with him according to the instruments and the disposition of the microphones. We went for girls, probably because we were hoping girls. A few minutes later Jack came on stage with his all male band and interesting white trousers with black stripes - not a good look, and that is said of man who use to dress all in red with clumpy black shoes. We were a bit disappointed as after seeing videos, we always thought he was better with the girls. And this gig confirmed it for us. Don't get me wrong, it was good. But with the girls it was brilliant. I think that the male bands are actually better musicians, the keyboard player is definitely better - but the girl has long wavy red hair - and the drummer as well. But I prefer the female drummer - I have a thing for girls banging the drums as hard as they can, my favourite of the moment being her - I like complicity he has with the violin player and I liked that the double bass player was heavily pregnant and still slapping and rocking her giant double bass (is it a good idea for the baby though?)

He played songs from all his bands and from his solo album. It was loud, very loud but we were expecting it, still, very loud. The set list was mainly his new material, some classic White Stripes songs, one Dead Weather and one Raconteurs. It was roughly the same as last time minus quite a few songs. I know that he played a very long time the first time we saw him and that it was specially good, he has set the bar high. We were waiting for some Icky Thump and Get Behind Me Satan, more Dead Weather, Carolina Drama. My sister who wasn't with us the first time round, loved it and thought it was great. So I think we were being a bit picky.

But I do genuinely think he is better with his female band. Something is off with the man band. I can't explain it, I can't put my finger on it, they all are excellent musicians. Let's call it the chemistry then.

Listen to: Freedom at 21, Weep Themselves to Sleep, Love Interruption, Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy and Trash Tongue Talker. And all the album.

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