To water or not to water

It is a lame title, I agree, but it is the question I faced with our growing plants activity. Like I said, I am unable to keep anything alive - anything vegetable, I'm doing alright with animal - mainly because I can't forget to water them. I got a little over excited with all our little pots lined up in front of the window and from the moment they started to grow, I watered them. Apparently too much. In a week or two I have learnt that they don't all have the same water needs.

Chives and basil (iPhone)

Dead basil (iPhone)
Chives was the first to come out, followed by coriander and basil. Mint was a bit later, so much I thought it didn't work. It seems that mint is really slow to grow as well. Or maybe it's just us? After a week, coriander was doing great, but basil and chives seemed to be swimming and drowning. I tried to save the chives but we had to let the basil go and start this one again. But at least I have learnt that coriander drinks more than chives and basil. And I can recognise the signs of a plant laking water or drowning.

Inside and outside coriander (iPhone)

Inside and outside coriander (iPhone)

We also led another experience with the coriander. We had quite a lot of seeds, so we sowed some in a pot inside and some in a pot outside to see the difference it would make. While the inside one was happily, quickly, profusely, the one outside showed no sign at all of doing so. The weather had been absolutely dreadful and we thought it might be dead. We decided to put the pot inside just in case. Two days later it was quite impressive to see how much it had grown. Coriander likes water but likes to be inside as well.

Garlic (iPhone)
Garlic after a few days (iPhone)
Since then we have sown more seeds. Basil again, parsley, spinach and garlic. They are all growing quite well. I guess I've learnt my lesson well.

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